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Learn to Dance Latin London
Latin dancing is an expressive form of dancing that is sweeping the country. With lots of styles coming from different countries, latin dancing possesses flavours of Latin American. Latin dancing includes; Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba & Paso Doble'.

John and Jane have impressive careers as Amateur and Professional Latin dancers. They are well qualified to introduce you to the world of Latin dancing. Their team of teachers has been specifically chosen to provide you with the very best in latin dance lessons London. So don't despair if you have two left feet or if you want to be the next world champion, this is the place to learn.

Already a Latin Dancer. Improve your skills with the very best latin dance teachers.
With extremely successful careers as professional Latin dancers competing around the world, John and Jane are able to take your Latin dancing to the next level. John & Jane currently teach some of the top couples in the UK & the world!

Maybe you or your children would want to enter into the world of Dance Sport and do competitions? This could be where it all starts! There are various levels & types of competitions which enable everyone to take part whether it be a boy & girl partnership, an all girl partnership or a student (boy or girl) dancing with a champion teacher, here at JJ's everyone gets the opportunity to take part should they so wish.

We don't like to boast but we have some of the top teachers in the world!

Beginner Latin & Ballroom Classes

Adult Beginners

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at Beckenham

Beginners 6-10yrsWednesday4.30pm-5.15pm£7at Beckenham

Beginners 10-17yrs

Wednesday5.15pm-6pm£7at Beckenham

Beginners 6-10yrs




at West Wickham

Beginners 4-6



at West Wickham

Beginners 10-16yrs




at West Wickham

Beginners 6-10yrs




at Beckenham

Beginners 11-16yrs




at Beckenham

Latin & Ballroom Classes 

Please refer to the NEWS section to see what's happening at JJ Dance Studios.

Adult Bronze - Latin & Ballroom 8-9pm £10
Adult Silver/Silver Bar 
- Latin & Ballroom 8-9pm £10
Adult Bronze - Latin & Ballroom 9-10pm £10 
Adult Technique - Latin & Ballroom 9-10pm £10 

(two Adult classes only £16) 
JJ Dance Studios, 182B High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1EW


Adult intermediate - Latin & Ballroom 7-8pm £10 
Adult Bronze Bar/Silver - Latin & Ballroom 7-8pm £10
Adult  Silver Bar/Gold - Latin & Ballroom 8-9pm £10
Adult Advanced - Latin only 8-9pm £10
Adult Silver Bar - Latin & Ballroom 9-10pm £10
(two Adult classes only £16)
JJ Dance Studios, 182b High, Street Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1EW

6-10yrs - Latin & Ballroom (Beginners welcome) 4.30-5.15pm £7
10-16yrs - Latin & Ballroom (Beginners welcome) 5.15-6pm £7
Adult Intermediate/Bronze - Latin & Ballroom 7-8pm £10 
Adult Higher Advanced Choreography - Latin & Ballroom 8-9pm £10
Adult Beginners - Latin & Ballroom - 9-10pm £10 (class full / closed)
Adult Gold/ Lower Advanced Choreography - Latin & Ballroom 9-10pm £10
(two Adult classes only £16)
JJ Dance Studios, 182b High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1EW

Adult Intermediate/Bronze - Latin & Ballroom 7-8pm £10
Adult Classes from Silver up to Advanced Choreography Latin & Ballroom 8-8.45pm £9

Dance The Night Away Social Practice Night for everyone 8.45-10pm £10 Everyone Welcome!
(Social Practice Night & Class only £15)
Adult Improvers - Latin & Ballroom 8.45-9.45pm £10 (Class Full)
JJ Dance Studios,182b High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1EW

Adult Gold - Latin & Ballroom 8-9pm £10
Adult Technique - Latin & Ballroom 9-10pm £10
Competitors Practice - Latin Only 8.30-10pm £10.00 per couple
JJ Dance Studios,182b High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1EW

There are classes for children at all levels including Beginners.

4-6yrs - Ballroom & Latin 10-10.30am £5.25
6-10yrs - Ballroom & Latin 9.30-10am £5.25
11-16yrs - Ballroom & Latin 10.30-11.15am £7
Discount for two children' classes i.e. Latin & Street Dance 6-10yrs 9-9.30am £9 & 11-16yrs 11.15-12pm £12
Emmanuel Church Hall, The Grove (off High St), West Wickham, Kent, BR4 9JS

There are classes for children at all levels including Beginners.

6-10yrs - Ballroom & Latin - 10-10.45am - £7 (please register your interest). 
11-16yrs - Ballroom & Latin - 10.45-11.30am - £7 (please register your interest)
JJ Dance Studios, 182b High Street, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1EW

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Our Dance Credentials Include;
Former Professional Dancer & Consultant for BBC TV show "Strictly Come Dancing"

Exciting Timetable now available.
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Strictly Come Dancing 
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Children's Beginners Ballroom & Latin Classes 

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We require a Ballroom Teacher/Dancer.

Latin Competitors
Practice Night.
Every Friday 8.30-10pm
Latin Only
£10 per couple

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