Street Dance Classes


Street Dance, or “Freestyle,” originally described dances that developed outside of the studio setting, for example in streets, clubs and parks. Eventually this type of dancing was re-created in studios, taught in classes & could be performed on stage or video. The more precise phrasing for this form of Street Dance is Commercial or Commercial Street Dance. It does not have defined steps, so anything can be included within it. You will see this style in music videos or performed by backing dancers at music shows. Our teachers are amongst the most skilled & current in the business.


The Street Dance Classes for 6 year to 16 years are starting soon!

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The Street Dance / Commercial Classes are super. Come along & join in the fun. Dancers of all levels including beginners are most welcome. The teacher is fully DBS checked.

Most of the children also do a Latin & Ballroom Class. Why not give it a try? If you are interested in Adult’s Street Dance Classes please contact us.

“Coming up to jj dance for a rumba very soon best wishes to Jhon and Jane. B-)”
Barry Randall