Ballroom & Latin Classes

Seen it on TV?

This is your chance to learn to ballroom dance and Latin dance – You may have seen it on television – Strictly Come Dancing.. One of the Directors was on the very first series and acted as the dance consultant helping with the planning of the format for the BBC , not to mention inviting dancers to participate on the show including Anton Du Beke.  Directors, John and Jane have taught several of the professional dancers on the hit television show and some of the celebrities have trained at JJ Dance Studios. John and JaneWe have successfully taught non-dancers with two left feet to dance, who then fall in love with ballroom dancing.

Our ballroom dancing lessons are held at our dance studio in Beckenham, in a state of the art dance studio, where we guarantee to take care of you and put you at your ease. We guarantee that you will have the most fun you have had for ages.
Classes are also now available on-line (Zoom).

Our highly qualified dance teachers cater for all ages and can take you through your exams; (bronze, silver and gold) and onto competitions if you wish. Or alternatively we can give you the confidence to dance at social occasions. View our latest timetable for JJ’s dance/practise nights. Private lessons are also available if you don’t think you would feel confident in a group classes, or feel like you need to catch-up, or want to learn a wedding dance or be the next world champion, this is the place to learn.

At our ballroom dancing lessons in London, you will learn: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz and the Latin dances: Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble’, and Jive.

Classes are graded according to ones experience in Ballroom & Latin dancing & knowledge of amalgamations (steps). Grades/levels increase from Beginners to Improvers, Intermediate, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Bronze Bar, Silver, Silver Bar, Gold, Gold,  & Advanced.

We also run a Social Dance once a month so you can practice what you have learnt in class and dance the night away.

Private lessons are also available at JJ Dance Studios.


Regardless if Your a Beginner or a top professional Latin / Ballroom Dancer we can improve your skills.

John and Jane are world renowned professional ballroom and latin dancers. John was a Professional Dancer & Consultant for TV’s Strictly Come Dancing. They are teachers of the highest calibre and with their superb team of teaches, can take you onto the next level. Former students have progressed onto successful careers as Amateur and Professional Dancers. Many of their competitive students are amongst the best in the world.
Professional dancer & 2019 champion of the TV show “Strictly Come Dancing ” was a former student of John & Jane’s, as are other fellow professional dancers on the show.

Ballroom dancing lessons London includes; Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz. Latin dancing lessons London includes; Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive and Paso Doble’.

Maybe you or your children would want to enter into the world of Dance Sport and do competitions? Then they need ballroom dancing lessons London. This could be where it all starts! There are various levels & types of competitions which enable everyone to take part whether it be a boy & girl partnership, an all girl partnership or a student (boy or girl) dancing with a teacher, here at JJ’s everyone gets the opportunity to take part should they so wish.

We don’t like to boast but we have some of the top dance teachers in the world!

Ballroom Dancing Lessons London For Beginners to Advanced

Ballroom & Latin Classes Timetable.

Payment for adult group classes is on a monthly basis due at the beginning of each month in advance of attendance.
Payment is not required for classes that you know you can not attend providing notice is given in writing prior to making the monthly payment at the beginning of the month. Class fees for classes not attended are not transferable.
The cost of 1 person doing 1 adult class is £12  & for 2 classes on the same night it is only £21.  Classes are also available on Zoom.
(Payment for children’s classes is per term.)

Private Dance Lessons & Wedding Dance Lessons are also available at JJ Dance Studios.


Adult New Beginners – Ballroom & Latin 8-9pm – £12

Adult Silver/Gold & Above – Ballroom & Latin 8-9pm – £12

Children’s 6-10yrs – Street Dance
4.25-5.10pm – £8.50
Children’s 11-16yrs – Street Dance
5.15-6pm £8.50



Adult Improvers – Ballroom & Latin
7-8pm – £12 

Adult Pre-Bronze – Ballroom & Latin
8-9pm – £12

Adult Gold – Ballroom & Latin 8-9pm – £12

Adult Silver – Ballroom & Latin
9-10pm – £12


Children 6-10yrs – Ballroom & Latin
4.30-5.15pm – £8.50

Children 11-16yrs – Ballroom & Latin
 5.15-6pm – £8.50

Children 6-16yrs – Ballroom & Latin Supervised Practice (Everyone welcome) 6-7pm – £6.50

Adult Intermediate – Ballroom & Latin
7-8pm – £12

Adult Bronze Bar – Ballroom & Latin
8-9pm – £12

Adult Advanced Choreography & Technique – Latin 8-9pm – £12

Adult Advanced Choreography & Technique – Ballroom 9-10pm – £12
(Two Adult classes only £21)


Adult Silver – Ballroom & Latin 7-8pm £12

Adult Beginners – Ballroom & Latin  8-9pm £12 
(this class is now closed to beginners) 

Adult Bronze – Ballroom & Latin   9-10pm £12


Competitors Practice – Latin Only
8.30-10pm – £15 per couple


Adult Dancercise 12-1pm £9
Children 4-6yrs – Ballroom & Latin
10.30-11am – £7
Children 7-10yrs – Ballroom & Latin
10-10.45am – £8.50

Children 11-16yrs – Ballroom & Latin
11-11.45am – £8.50

Learn to Dance Latin

Latin dancing is an expressive form of dancing that is sweeping the country. With lots of styles coming from different countries, latin dancing possesses flavours of Latin American. Latin dancing includes; Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba & Paso Doble’.

John and Jane have impressive careers as Amateur and Professional Latin dancers. They are well qualified to introduce you to the world of Latin dancing. Their team of teachers has been specifically chosen to provide you with the very best in latin dance lessons London. So don’t despair if you have two left feet or if you want to be the next world champion, this is the place to learn.

“I used to dance with JJ 10 years ago and decided to return for fitness mainly 3 weeks in and my confidence has grown and I have fallen back in love with dancing. Also just done my first thursday night social dance and what fun 😁 you have to come along !!!!!!”
Kerrie Foti